Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: I need some help using the forum. Do you have a help page for that?
A: Yes, there's a default help page for phpbb that can be found here: app.php/help/faq. If you need additional assistance, just ask!

Q2: How do I use bbcode? How can I format my posts to make them fancy?
A: An explanation of all the available bbcode can be found here: app.php/help/bbcode. If you need additional assistance, just ask!

Q3: Does my first character have to be a colonist?
A: No, but we recommend they are. Native characters require a stronger grasp on the lore and other concepts. If you really want a native character, we won't stop you making one.

Q4: Do my characters have to be original? Can I steal from another franchise? I want to write Spiderman/Goku/etc.
A: No. All characters must be original. No roleplaying existing characters that aren't yours. You may write someone inspired by an existing character, providing it's not a blatant rip-off. (Copying common abilities/perks is one thing, but copying personality and backstory is another)

Q5: What about alien races? Do I have to make my own?
A: No. We do plan to make a catalogue of different races and species in the future that you can copy from if you're lacking creative juices. But, for now, it's perfectly acceptable to copy an existing sci-fi or fantasy race. Like Wookies or Twi'leks from Star Wars. But we require you to make your own lore for them if possible.

Q6: Do I need to write an introduction for my colonist character? Do they have to start in a cryopod, or can I skip past writing that part?
A: All colonist characters must start off in their pod in the ship. You must write them waking up. This can be brief, however.

Q7: Can I write flashbacks?
A: Flashbacks to before the events of the roleplay may be added to your roster/backstory there. Flashbacks to events during the roleplay may only be written with a moderator's permission, as we don't really allow fluid time. Flashbacks to events that you've previously written may be included in quote tags if you wish.

Q8: How do I get points?
A: By writing and roleplaying. You gain ~50 points per 1000 words, or so. There are also additional [BONUS REWARDS LINK]. You can get more points by voting for us and with good writing.

Q9: Can I give another character my points?
A: No, as points don't physically exist in the roleplay. You may loan them items, and may permanently give them something with the permission of a moderator, however. To do this, post in the Help Desk stating who you wish to give/trade items to and why.

Q10: My perk wouldn't really come with ranks, what rank should I make it?
A: Set it as rank 1 for now and if it's too strong a moderator will bump it up in cost or tell you to nerf it.

Q11: Can I combine items? Like making a bulletproof energy vest?
A: Yes. And your combo-item should cost the same as both the existing items added together.

Q12: If I start writing a minor NPC, can I later make them a major NPC?
A: Sure, if you have enough NPC slots and make them a character sheet.

Q13: Can I swap my NPC with my main character?
A: Yes, but this will follow the usual switching rules. So you'd need to switch your character to your NPC, then make an NPC version of your main. You may lose some points if you do this.

Q14: Can I break the 4th wall?
A: Yes, and no. You can write a character that thinks they're breaking the 4th wall, but in character, they're just being crazy. In world, this isn't a story or a roleplay, it's real. Furthermore, any 4th wall breaking can't give your character an advantage (e.g. your character can't use 'the 4th wall' to learn things about other characters).

Q15: I spent points on a gun, but it broke. Do I need to buy a new one?
A: No, you don't need to use your points to remake, repair, or find a new gun.

Q16: The rules say I start with three magazines of ammo for my gun. Do I reallly have to keep track of this?
A: We expect you to have a rough idea of how much ammo you're using, and periodically 'buy' more. That said, you don't have to count the individual bullets (unless you really want to).

Q17: If I don't spend the points to buy a base, does that mean my character is homeless?
A: No. You can still make your own little shack, live in the crashed ship (or the base the humans are slowly building - if they allow you). Or, if you're a native, you might already own a house. Bases are like castles, forts, or small settlements. You don't need a base to have a house. Furthermore, if you're a native, while you can't own a settlement from the getgo, you can still add one to the lore and live there.

Q18: I don't want my character to die, how can I prevent this?
A: Don't challenge others to fights, don't commit crimes and get a bounty. Communicate with us moderators and perhaps try to plan dangerous acts ahead of time. Other players cannot start fights with you without a reason, unless you let them. If you want to fight but don't want your character to die, then you'll need to only fight with other roleplayers who don't want it to be lethal.

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