[LORE] Kruheia's Isles

While at a glance this is no more than a large sprawling plain filled with the odd small forest or grove, should someone turn their eyes to the sky they will see much more. Inexplicably floating islands dot the horizon of this large expanse, casting their shadows over the valleys, trees and grassland below.
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[LORE] Kruheia's Isles

Post by Storyteller » 17 Oct 2019, 15:33

For more up to date and accurate info, check out the wiki page here: wiki/index.php/Category:Kruheia%27s_Isles

Kruheia's Isles sit to the west of The Crystal Territories. It's unclear where one Realm ends and the other begins, as both have a similar climate on the ground. That said, the forests near Crystal Lake are more tropical than that of the Kruheia's Isles. The Isles themselves span a great 800 kilometres further west from the Crystal Territories and stretch a bit further than that to the north and south. The general climate tends to vary throughout, with it benefiting from fair warm weather distributed by ever-changing breezes. The main feature of this realm is the floating islands that dot its sky.
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