[LORE] Radiant Plains

A large stretch of beautiful plains with a high density of magic power. The land is always well-lit, even at night, making it the perfect location for a camping trip. The plants grow fast and healthy, making the fruit here ripe for eating.
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[LORE] Radiant Plains

Post by Storyteller » 21 Oct 2019, 15:04

Check out the Wiki article here for a more up to date/accurate source of information: wiki/index.php/Category:Radiant_Plains

The Basics

Radiant Plains is a large area far to the northeast of the Crystal Forest, and thus the Crystal Lake. The magic here is slightly higher than average. The plains themselves come in the shape of small hills that don't go too high nor sink too low. Plants seem to grow faster and more healthy here, though most of what's to be seen is grass and flowers. Quite a lot of flowers grow there as well, covering quite a lot of the land there is to explore. The sun is brighter than usual in this area, but it's not warmer in any fashion anywhere. Even as night falls, the Radiant Plains stays rather well lit as if lots of moonlight was pouring into the Plains. Small parts of grass and a few flowers even have a slight glow to them.

Grounded Azure

Grounded Azure is an area where magical energy is much higher than average. It's near the centre of the Radiant Plains and is quite large, yet small in comparison to the plains themselves. The area isn't too harmful to any creatures that have either a natural or self-made protection against the cold. The ground is made completely out of uneven ice, and large spikes and pillars of ice jut out of the ground near the middle of the biome. It is unknown how far down the ice goes or rather how much of the ground is made of ice. The ice seems to have resistance against heat and is rather hard to break away from the floor. Unlike the Radiant Plains, Grounded Azure, once entered or close enough, will start to show a night sky and a night sky only. Another difference would be that this, indeed effects the area, making it colder than usual. Clouds are rarely found above Grounded Azure, but they still constantly snow. When clouds aren't blocking the view, northern lights can be seen once inside the biome.


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