Sei's dreams and nightmares

Flashbacks and the content of dreams can go here. Keep it relevant to New Terra.
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Sei's dreams and nightmares

Post by Sei Renegade » 23 Nov 2019, 17:04

running yes running running?
All of seis thoughts became over welmed he couldn't remember how he got here running why was he running he didn't know

Sei found himself running throwing snow all over in the process he wondered how he got here he countied to run passing pine after pine the place he was in seemed endless like it kept repeating itself
"Why am I running" sei thought to himself he kept running until he tripped on a pine tree that had fallen over on the ground he stumbled laying on the icey cold ground only able to look up at what was above him this thing looked firmilar but from where? Where did sei know this from its fur was as white as snow but except one part that was a deep body red sei closed his eyes slowly think death was upon him

he woke up
To find himself right where he went to bed wearing the bears fur he got yesterday
Reeeeeee its yeet or be yeeted

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