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Silence Underbourne
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Silence Underbourne

Post by Silence Underbourne » 07 Nov 2019, 17:23

Name: Silence Underbourne
Age: 28
Gender: Anatomically Female

Personality: Cynical, slow to trust others. Savagely critical of herself and others within her own mind. She's learned to be charming and agreeable when she needs to be (around the rich).

5' 6", waifishly thin. Long, dark, unkempt hair, dark eyes. Pale, sometimes sickly skin tone. Badly 'fixed' skin scars on right side of neck from battery explosion. Silence was forced to bathe (read: scrubbed by Genesis Corp. security folk) before being interred in cryosleep, so upon waking she was uncharacteristically clean. She suffers from numerous maladies from growing up in Muckton where the pollution has given her Smoglung and a permanent cough (inhalers help but the ship only has so many). She's prone to kidney and liver pain attacks and sometimes has to hunch a bit due to this. During the worst bouts of these attacks, her skin is pale and sweaty, and her hair greasy. She appears malnourished even at the healthiest of times. She can be quite 'attractive' according to some, when she 'bothers to civilize herself', but why bother?

Convn'l Handgun and normal ammo (3mag) (100)
Stove/Purifier (100)
First Aid Kit (100)

Weak (-100)
Unfit (-100)
Frail (-100)

-Agility RANK 1 (100)
-Computing RANK 3 (300)
-Hacking RANK 3 (300)
-Stealth RANK 3 (300)
-Survivalist RANK 2 (200)
-Medic RANK 2 (200)
-Firearms - Handguns RANK 1 (100)

Silence always thought she'd die in the same place she was born: the hive city of Muckton, in the very marrow of the bones of Old Terra. She survived on the rare kindnesses of neighbors; her parents never left their drug-induced dream-sleeps so she was on her own from the start.

Theft was a way of life, and grew into a career; she ripped her first creds from her parents' accounts when she was five years old, though only to buy food for herself and neighbors. Didn't know her parents other than by sight, nor did she understand them; neighbors said they'd sold their souls to the Corporation to survive and that Silence had been delivered by the local Medbot while both parents were physically inert tapped into the node. Never knew why the Medbot bothered, or who had arranged for it to be there.

Silence found her skills were of use to others who'd protect her physically, provide food and shelter, and even some healthcare. Her employers found her lucrative enough that they even invested in some neural implants so that she could feel tactile sensations again, after the sewerpox invaded her CNS.

She hated Genesis Corp. from the day her neighbors read her their name off the boxes and tubes that her parents were hooked into. Eventually she amassed enough stolen data from their servers that she would've been able to amass a fortune... but then she was kidnapped/captured/saved...she still doesn't know how she ended up drugged and on the ship... but she's hellah mad about it!

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