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Jackson Stewart
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jackson stewart character

Post by Jackson Stewart » 22 Oct 2019, 21:09

Name:Jackson Stewart
Nationality:United republic of North America
Hair color:hazel
Eye color:hazel green
Race:homo sapiens
Gender:male and heterosexual
Height:six foot five
Body type:extremely athletic
Key features:long tom Shelby haircut
Personality:socially awkward, quiet
Tends to keep to himself but when in conversation he prefers to talk about the first thing he thinks about.
Rank 2 shotguns (200)
Rank 2 of survival (200)
Rank 2 of laser handguns (200)
Rank 2 of agility(200)
Rank 1 of melee (100)
Rank 1 of medical(100)
Powered grappling hook(100)
Battery recharger(100)
Intermediate limb replacement on the right arm(200)
Water purifier(50)
Laser handgun(200)
Combat dagger(50)
Surgeon kit(50)
Jackson’s home is New York in North America.Jackson lives in the rich and luxurious sky cities of planet earth.
Jackson is a very quiet fellow he prefers to stay alone and exercise a lot.
Jackson practices his fighting and survival in virtual reality mainly because he wants to be like his father because he fought in the republican defense force.Jackson has just signed the paper to join the genesis project because he hopes it will bring him some energetic experiences.
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