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Sei renegade

Post by Sei Renegade » 27 Oct 2019, 20:08

Name:sei renegade
Age: 15

Personality:he is a very calm person that always seems to be off task he doesn't get upset easily and he rarely gets mad he isn't very emotional he rarely gets mad though when he does he almost changes he changes from unfocused to serous

Likes:he likes a lot of things mostly the comfort of home he misses the convinces of the old world technology he once liked the winter before he was told to get into a survivor mentality

dislikes: he dislikes lots of inconveniences hard labour being told what to do because he is in his rebellious phase

Appearance: he has white messy hair blue eyes you can see my pfp for more he wears a jacket and a shirt with long pants

[1000] total
Conventional handgun [100]

Vibro-Blade [200]

Energy sword [400]

Compact Motorbike [300]
New total [0]
[2000] total
RANK 3 [300]:academic (physics)
RANK 3 [300]:academic (biology)
Medic RANK 5 [500]
Hacking RANK 1 [100]:
Computer RANK 1 [100]
RANK 1 [100]: martial arts
Survival RANK 1 [100]
Mele RANK 3 [300]:
New total [300]
He grew up a normal life with a father, brother and mother as a kid he liked to keep a journal of things he saw and write them done he became extremely good at categorizing and describing things he enjoyed and excelled at his studies and he was especially successful at physics and nature which I guess is science he also had an interest in medical things these things were his interest this brought himself attention and gave him the perfect qualities for the geniuses misson why his parents signed him up they thought that he belonged on the mission that the mission was his purpose to colonize the new world

As soon as he discovered that he became enraged he stopped caring about the world and everything he loved above it he became shut off that last month's his a's went to f's he thought if he failed so bad they wouldn't want him anymore he wishes that worked the last thing he remembers is him getting in to the cryo pod
Reeeeeee its yeet or be yeeted

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