Aras Veetu

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Aras Veetu
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Aras Veetu

Post by Aras Veetu » 19 Oct 2019, 03:30

Name: Aras Veetu
Age: 25
Gender: Female

Aras is a rather rambunctious sort, always looking to learn and study the things around her, be it people, books, landscapes, or anything else of the sort. Hey keen eyes are matched only by her keen word, the girl constantly being ready to speak and bargain with anyone she sees. Some say she could barter the clothes off of someone’s own back, and she likely would if she needed to. Her voice is a rather important asset considering the fact she is both weak and frail, making unassisted combat near impossible for the young entrepreneur.

When it comes to alien things, including the inhabitants of this new planet, Aras sees only one thing, that being a chance to turn a profit. Her reason for coming here was money, and a little crash landing isn’t going to stop that. In the end, the wealth of this land is her main goal, and she is willing to explore any means to obtain it.

Standing at just barely 5 Ft 1 In (Or 1m 55 Cm), Aras is rather short in stature. Her body is similarly scrawny when it comes to muscles, the girl expressing little feminine or masculine features. Instead her body is almost entirely vertical in build, thin as a board the whole way through.

Her face is as thin as the rest of her body, with a somewhat sharp chin and emerald green eyes. Her shoulder length black hair contrasts with her pale white skin, free from major blemishes or scars. HEr face is simple, and not particularly conspicuous, just rather average.

Aras’s most defining feature has to be her two arms, which have both been replaced with mechanical prothstetics. The one on her right is obviously made for a craftsman’s role, with several mechanical bits attached to the standard shape. The left, while still being above average in terms of quality, is still rather simplistic, with it’s only deviation from the structure of a standard hand being the built in laser pistol placed on the palm.

She typically dresses rather simply, either wearing a mechanic’s outfit or simple t-shirts and jeans. When things are particularly formal however, she does own a few suits in order to look her best,

Advanced Prosthetic Arm - 400
  • Engineering Mod (Custom Mod) - 100
    (Aras’s arm has many modifications that allow the various digits to split into smaller versions of themselves, which can extend and contort in odd angles. This, along with the several built in magnets and gyros allows for the arm to do the work of an entire toolkit without any of the necessary parts. Screws and bolts are still required of course.)

    Storm Mod - [300]
    (The purpose of the electric modification is primarily sor soldering metal parts together, but it’s defensive capabilities do come in handy.)

    Long Range Communicator - [100]
    (Built into the arm itself to protect against theft.)

Intermediate Prosthetic Arm - [200]
  • Laser Handgun - [200]
    (Built into left arm)

Pocket Nuclear Reactor - 500
(The girl has to power her prothstetics somehow after all.)

Zoom Lens - [100]
(A small device that Aras rather often uses to get a better look at the items she is either modifying or appraising.)

Total - [1700]


Mechanic, Rank 3 - [300]

Computing, Rank 3 - [300]

Hacking, Rank 3 - [300]

Academic, Rank 3 - [300]

Weak - [-100]

Frail - [-100]

Entrepreneur (Custom Perk), Rank 3 - [300]
Aras is quite simply a master at all means of trade. Her Mind is simply attuned to the act of barter, and she easily finds the best way to get the most profit from a deal. She is constantly vigilant in her search for a deal, and is quick to offer if she finds something she feel important for her to have. It is one of the greatest skills she has, and likely the one that influences her life the most

Total - [1300]


Aras was born in the sky, among the rich that looked over the lesser peoples like angels from heaven. Her father was an influential, being the CEO and owner of a somewhat large mining company on the old world, employing people from the lower levels at slave like wages. But Aras was born sheltered away from that, and would not learn of her father’s job until much later.

When she was born, it became obvious that Aras had not exactly been the most lucky in terms of genetics. Born with a form of Osteogenesis Imperfecta, her bones were easier to break than your average human, and her body was thin on top of it. Where she lacked in body though, she made up with her mind. Knowing only her father was an influential businessmen, she tore into the private teaching he could afford to give her, the girl quickly learning everything from engineering, to history, to politics, to many more. She was truly a paragon of the mind, and fit to take the famil;y business one day.

At the age of 16, Aras’ father decided she was mature enough to learn of the facilities her father owned. She had long since discovered and learned of her father’s profession, and yet she did not object to it in any way. She saw the employees below her father like sheep, and her father the shepherd. She knew that none of them would have fulfilling jobs without him, and she had long since taken a similar entrepreneurial mindset into her own. The day when her and her father traveled into the mine though was not merely one of education, as they would soon find out.

As the pair traveled through the small town built around her father’s largest mine, a man armed with a bat managed to rush past the pair’s guards and charge directly at them. The man’s motives were never truly discovered, but due to their somewhat young age, it can be assumed they were fed up with the treatment the family they had been raised in had met. The attacker, unable to make it to the father in time, decided his best bet was to maim his pride and joy. He slammed the bat into the girl again and again, shattering both of her arms and fracturing many other bones. He was promptly fired upon by the bodyguards, but as he let out his last breath, he knew that he had gravely injured the young girl.

What the attacker did not realize however was the extent of how much the upper class had in terms of medicine. The girl’s arms, which had been shattered to the point that the bones would never heal, were simply removed, and replaced with superior prosthetics built specifically to the demand of the young girl. In a matter of months her fractures were healed and her new limbs were in place, and she was no worse for wear. The young entrepreneur's spirit had not been snuffed out, and instead had been emboldened.

After several years of honing her skills even further, a unique opportunity came up. Genesis Corp had revealed their plans for a starship. With her father's connections, it was not hard for the family to realize that the plans had been intentionally leaked, and yet, it was still an economic opportunity. Though Genesis Corp was not an active rival of her father, being in manufacturing rather than resource extraction after all, The opportunity to scout out a new planet for possible mining outposts was a truly lucrative possibility. At first her father had merely planned to send an employee to scout out the planet, but Aras insisted on herself being the one to go. After several days of debate, she managed to convince the man, and was promptly placed onto the ship with the help of her father.

Now far from home and stuck on an alien rock, Aras has not completely forgotten the idea of commerce, and still plans on seeking some way to make a profit, even if in a different way then what was expected.
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Re: Aras Veetu

Post by Dabony » 19 Oct 2019, 10:29

Welcome, Aras Veetu. You've been approved and can start roleplaying when you're ready. Please copy-paste your character sheet to the Galactic Roster forum before you start posting. If you have any questions, feel free to post in The Help Desk, or ask on the #questions channel on the discord. Also, this topic gives some basic instructions for what to do once you've been approved: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=41.

Lastly, I've made your purchase log for you. This can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=105
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