Jackson’s dreams and nightmares

Flashbacks and the content of dreams can go here. Keep it relevant to New Terra.
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Jackson’s dreams and nightmares

Post by Jackson Stewart » 16 Nov 2019, 21:53

Jackson awakes in a somewhat awkward version of the forest he fell asleep in except the forest had no color or noise and their was no feeling or composition Something was wrong.
Jackson adjusts his arm but realizes it’s working. He puts his military jacket and cap back on They fit nicely.
For some reason the ground feels as if it has no composition.
Jackson confuses attempts to speak he gets a sharp pain in his throat it was impossible to say anything he can only observe.
An entity made completely of darkness appears and the entity appears humanoid but looks to be made of dark matter and dead stars it looks at Jackson and begins to run towards him.
Jackson attempts to run but trips over an object that appears to be nothing
The darkness covers Jackson head to toe. Before passing out the ground behind him still feels like nothing.

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