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Drāke Cliffell Log

Post by Dabony » 08 Oct 2019, 18:47

Purchase Log of @Drāke Cliffell goes here!

See the Progression page for how to make purchases, and please follow the appropriate format. Remember, spells, magic, custom perks, custom items, and custom equipment all need approval here: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=51

When posting here, remember to link to the relevant approval post (if required) and please follow the following format:

Old Points Spent:
New Points Spent:
Total Points:
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Re: Drāke Cliffell Log

Post by Drāke Cliffell » 07 Nov 2019, 01:55

Purchase: 500

-- Holographic Display ( 50 ) --
-- Blood-charger ( 100 ) --
-- A.L.I.C.E ( 350 ) --

Old Points Spent: 0

New Points Spent: 500

Total: 525.47

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