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Post by Iguor » 17 Oct 2019, 23:17

Name: Iguor
Age: Forty Two
Gender: Male
Species: Swamp Ogre

Personality: Aggressive, low tempered, egotistical, drunken, and unintelligent.

Appearance: A massively broad-shouldered, hunchbacked humanoid that stands at about 8'6 feet tall, with a rough leather-looking appearance to emerald green skin, who has rather crooked teeth and a blank lack of intellect, with all the muscles to replace it.

Equipment: One chef's hat, a set leather armor-like clothing, and a pair of very large, simplistic boots, and one piece of wildlife that was freshly hunted down, along with a simple cutting knife.

No Magic Affinity
Natural Weapon
Fatal Wounds
Strong Armor
Incredible Lifespan

Strength - 3
Resilience - 3
Martial arts - 4
Stamina - 3
Agility - 3
Speed - 3
Survivalist - 2

The race known currently as the Swampfolk, or the Swamp Ogres, are a race of rather dimwitted, but believedly immensely strong and enduring creatures. They are considered quite tall for a humanoid, with the shortest standing at around 6'4 feet, and the absolute tallest at about 8'0.
While they do not, typically, carry an inherent trait of enduring better, they do have something many others do not - their skin is made of primarily an emerald green, rough, rocky-textured substance, which appears like a hard leather at first glance. The Swampfolk in addition have large, incredibly hard, mineral-like protrusions that make the appearance of a bulge under their skin beneath their knuckles, making their punches like that of any sort of knuckle duster, but far harder. This compressed, carbon-like ball joint is also present in the kneecaps, elbow joints, and ankles. This combines quite well with the Ogre's innate strength and massive builds. Their final positive trait is the fact that, from willpower itself, they have the power to ignore even the strongest and most powerful of deathly blows, despite the pain it incurs, which all of is felt. As a final note, they have incredibly long lifespans of upwards of four hundred years. This, however, all comes at a price. The Folk of the Swamp is rather dimwitted, and rather quick to speak, not thinking before much of the time. And there is one, far more handicapping problem...They are completely incapable of understanding magic.
They reside primarily in swamps, creating large tribe-like cities in which they rarely venture out from other than to forage or obtain supply. The Swampfolk in addition rely very strongly on that of what they call "Jungej", which is made with a process similar to a Vodka or a Gin, many of the folk being in a constant state of intoxication.
Iguor, as he was named, was quickly seen to be an incredibly physically strong, and agile Ogre. He was not the fastest from a distance, but he was considered one of their best athletes. He was strong, he was very tough, and he had incredibly quick reflexes. All that...just to be placed in the position of the South side of the town's head chef. While all this consisted of, was switching distillery batches, and cooking meat over fires, he quickly began to consider himself the best. So much so, that his ego became massive about the subject. So much so that he would challenge anyone who denied it to combat. And he always won. He was an amazing fighter with his hands, having trained with the legendary combatants of the town when he was young, and practicing every day. When he was around the age of fourty years of age, he saw something fly from the sky in the distance, and saw the crash.
He find the humans rather intriguing, but doesn't understand them. However due to their violent and angered views, he has decided that they are bad for the world, and has taken to typically harboring a large amount of anger towards them.

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